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The tall, dark, muscular, and handsome Antonio ‘Tone’ Sutton has just signed a new contract with another NFL team in a new city, leaving his ragged past behind him in Atlanta to move on to better things.  The once known as chocolate bachelor is finally ready to settle down.  But the woman his heart wants is married to someone else.  What is a man to do?  Move on in the pursuit of other happiness, or fight for who he has deemed as his woman?


Niyah Smith-Brent lives in a huge magnificent dream home with her very handsome and successful new husband.  She is a new mother of a beautiful baby girl, and the owner of a very prominent magazine corporation, and not to mention a best-selling author.  Not missing a beat, Niyah seems to have it all until a dark secret from the past comes back up and turns her world upside down.  Facing a major crossroad in life, what will Niyah do?    

Love Is A Two Way Street (Part 2 of series)

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